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We spent hours trying to figure out what to say "About Us", and came to the conclusion that we're still figuring it out. Oh and by the way, "we" is actually "me", Allie. I thought I sounded more legit if "I" was a "we", but then I decided I didn't want to start our relationship off based on a lie. (Like I said, still figuring things out.)

I am a Mississippi girl living in New York City who enjoys all things witty and crafty. MAILennial is a word I made up to describe myself and anyone else who is living in the digital era, but can't quite check the box to go paperless due to a unfailing love of paper products. All of my designs are hand-lettered to imperfection. (Perfection is boring.) Custom designs are my favorite thing to obsess over, so don't be shy about dropping a design request my way. It is my hope that MAILennial becomes your source for relatable, laugh-out-loud, custom greeting cards/prints and that together we keep snail mail alive.